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Leather inside leather, unbleached tanned leather

"Raw leather" is tanned using tannins, which are also found in the bitterness of plants, and is finished without any surface treatment.
Because it has the most leather-like feel among the many materials, it is also called the "leather of leathers."
Pickling in tannins takes a lot of effort and cost, and mass production is not possible.
Nume leather products have rarity value.
Among them, this Foro Natural is a series of particularly rare horse-grown tanned leather bags.
It is extremely difficult to select products with few scratches at the unbleached stage, and to tan such thick tanned leather. Furthermore, when making bags, they are often dyed and made into products while hiding the original scratches.
It is extremely rare to be able to deliver a bag made of ecru material like this.
This series is carefully tanned by a tanner in Himeji who has such an eye and technical ability.

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