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The exciting world of leather bags created by an atelier maker

A Japanese leather brand with a design concept of ``heavy yet with a rough feel''.

All designs with a sophisticated presence are original to the atelier manufacturer.

It is a pure "MADE IN JAPAN" product made in Japan using high-quality traditional leather from Italy and Japan.

Despite the outstanding texture, the price is kept as low as possible, and while maintaining the artistry, it does not compromise on functionality.

It is popular in physical stores as it can be adopted not only by men but also by women.

As an authentic leather brand full of coolness for adults that you have never seen before, we will continue to keep an eye on it.

The carefully selected material is ``unfinished leather'' that brings out the original taste of the leather and allows you to see the leather skin.
It has such an outstanding texture that specialty stores confidently recommend it.

Designers directly check the quality of overseas materials before purchasing them.
It feels good to the touch, and the taste increases over time, making it your own unique leather.

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