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About gift wrapping


MARUYA's familiar gift wrapping is red or blue with gold ribbon.

Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Labor Day, Valentine's Day, White Day, Entrance Examination, Graduation, Wedding, etc.
We have a selection of gifts for a variety of purposes.

In the case of a gift where the address and name of the orderer and recipient are different,
Items that show the amount, such as statements, are not included in the package and are sent separately to the orderer.

・Check "I would like gift delivery" on each item page

・Please choose the color of the wrapping paper and the type of sticker.

・If you would like a handwritten message card, please select "Request".

We will attach one such blank card to each product.

please note

・If you would like to gift wrap a large Boston bag, it will be wrapped in wrapping paper instead of a box.


Packing example (bag gift)

This is just an example.
・Similarly for wallets It is wrapped in plastic and then delivered in a box (Takkyubin Compact, cardboard, or Yamato Transport's Kuroneko Bag).
・Even if your order is not a gift, we will put vinyl to prevent rain and cushioning material in the gaps as necessary.