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Point exchange campaign

Send your stamp card (membership card)
Get points that can be used at the online shop!

For customers with physical store membership cards
Due to the current circumstances, we sometimes hear from people who say, ``I want to save up (and use) stamp cards, but it's difficult to go to a physical store.''
We also understand that some customers live far away and may find it difficult to come to our store.
Therefore, we have prepared a point redemption plan that you can use at this online shop.

<Target stamp card>

<How to use>

  1. Please put your stamp card (membership card) in an envelope and mail it to us.
    (Please write your name, email address, etc. on the back)
    *The 84 yen stamp fee required for mailing will be refunded by adding points later.
  2. Once received, we will send a registration email to your customer account (shopify), which is required when purchasing from our online shop.
  3. Please follow the instructions in the email to register for an account (free of charge).
  4. We will send the accumulated stamps + stamp price points to your registered account.
We will convert 1 stamp to 100P.
If you have accumulated 40 stamps (for one book), we will exchange them for a total of 5000P.
Points can be used as 1P = 1 yen.


・There may be a time lag in awarding points.

*Basically, it will be granted within one day after registration. If you register during a holiday, it will be granted the day after the holiday.

・These points can only be used at our online shop.

*Cannot be used at Rakuten Market stores, Yahoo Shopping stores, and Amazon stores.

*Points are valid for one year from the date of acquisition.
  ・You can also bring your paper stamp card directly to a physical store and redeem it for points. (In that case, you will still need to register for a free account)
As the paper stamp card service itself continues,
Of course, you can also create a new stamp card when you visit our physical store.
Please choose the method that is most convenient for you and enjoy your shopping.