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Thanks to all of you, we are celebrating our 70th anniversary.
With a sense of gratitude in our hearts, we remain committed to customer satisfaction, whether in our physical stores or online shop.

1. Soft and lightweight high-quality leather and creative design

Do you think leather is hard and heavy?

When many people hear the word "leather bag," they imagine it to be "heavy, hard, and expensive."
At our store, we prefer leather with heavy makeup, which tends to be hard and heavy.
I prefer bags with a high-quality finish that are soft and lightweight with visible leather skin, and I have a wide selection of them.
For T-shirts, choose cotton that is both warm and cool and feels nice on the skin.For coats and knits, choose wool or cashmere that doesn't pill easily.
When it comes to bags, you want to choose leather that is durable, resistant to damage, and has visible quality .
These bags have been used by such customers for a long time, and the more the years pass, the more they become attached to them.
We hope to offer bags that are close to our customers' lives and add color to a variety of occasions.

And high design is not just for high-end brands.
Fashionability unique to leather. An exciting mechanism.
Ease of use that combines texture and functionality.
Reliable and beautiful manufacturing by skilled craftsmen.
Amazing cost performance.
We hope that there are actually many fascinating works that are not widely known yet.
I also hope that this will be an opportunity for more people to get to know about it.

2. We will take care of the leather before handing it over to you.

"Maruya Selection" inspects all products immediately before shipping.
At that time, we apply leather care cream before wrapping.
Leather products, like human skin, don't like dryness.
If water and oil are removed, it will cause cracks and color loss.
If you can take care of it and hold it, the more you use it, the more its texture will improve and it will grow beautifully.
We want our customers to know more about leather and use it for a long time, so after we take care of it, we give them a letter with information about the leather.

3. Safe and reliable after-sales follow-up

We are not a “sell and then you are done” shop.

All products purchased at "Maruya Selection" are
After using it for a long time
In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will work with the manufacturer to provide comprehensive after-sales support .
The products we have selected are made from carefully selected leather that will grow richer in expression the more you use them.
That's why we want our customers to use it for a long time,
I hope that you will grow it into a one-of-a-kind item in your own world.