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MARUYA name engraving service

At our store, the owner offers a name engraving service using a hot pen.
We have received positive feedback, saying, ``It has a personality and warmth that you can't get with a machine'' and ``It makes you feel attached to it.''
Nowadays, the majority of repeat customers request it every time.
This service is possible only with genuine leather. (Text cannot be written on synthetic leather)
Originally, it was only available at physical stores, but we wanted to make more customers happy.
We also accept orders for some products at our online shop.
We hope that by adding your name to it, you will feel more attached to it.
If you wish to do so, please read the notes below carefully and, if you agree, check the desired box before placing your order.

1. Points to note

・Please note that because the name is handwritten, it may not match the image.
We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges of items for which you wish to have your name engraved after the order has been placed.
Please check the size and font image carefully before ordering.
・If you wish to have your name engraved, please choose a payment method other than cash on delivery.
-Depending on the congestion situation, it may take 1-2 days (excluding holidays) to ship even if the item is shipped on the same day.

・When ordering, please do not forget to include the name engraving details.
-Currently, the only eligible products are the wallets listed at the bottom of this page.

2. Regarding handwritten characters

・Please use up to 8 alphabetic characters (uppercase and lowercase) including periods.
・It is recommended that the first letter be capitalized.
・Please use lowercase letters except for initials.
* All capital letters will not be accepted as the balance will be disrupted .
・In contrast to a machine that irradiates each letter evenly, we write by hand, looking at the overall cohesiveness.
Please take a good look at the sample and get an idea of ​​what it is.

-The name is placed on the bottom right of the front .

3. How to order

When proceeding from your cart to your order, click "Add Order Notes" .

When the input field appears, please enter your desired name and the fact that you would like it engraved .

Once you have entered your information, please click "Save" and proceed to place your order.

Items eligible for name engraving

*The color variation "Black" is not eligible for name engraving.
(Because the visibility of the characters is reduced)

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