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About genuine leather material

About natural leather products

- Because the finish takes care of the texture of the leather, it eliminates the scratches (scars from running around or fighting), blood lines (lightning-like vein patterns that stand out on the surface of the leather), and fine wrinkles that animals originally have. There are some things you can see.
These are proof that the animals were alive, and we hope that you will understand them as the characteristics of each individual.
The appearance and degree of this will vary depending on the material and finish, so please contact us if you have any concerns.

・If it gets too wet, it may cause stains or fading.
Please be careful when using in rainy weather.

- Genuine leather products may fade or transfer due to friction or water exposure.
Please be careful when wearing light colored clothes for the first time.

About product images

We do our best to photograph and retouch the images to match the actual product as much as possible, but colors may appear slightly different depending on your monitor.

In addition, we are careful to purchase products that are as similar to the image in the representative photo as possible, but slight differences may occur due to individual differences in materials.

If you have any concerns when placing your order, please feel free to contact us.