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Kuramae workshop

Kuramae Kobo's aim is to "make things as tools"

``Kuramae Kobo'' was developed by ``Takaya'', a long-established shop in the manufacturing town of Kuramae, using its experience and knowledge.
A brand that boasts outstanding functionality and texture.

Tools are things that enrich people's lives.
We are extremely particular about making it as such a tool.
So it's easy to use. Therefore, it is easy to hold.
We have prepared different functions to suit your unique personality and how you want to use it.
It will become your "tool" with functions that respond to your needs that change day and night and provide unique answers.

What is necessary for "tools" that can withstand tough everyday tasks and produce smart movements are:
New ideas and the power of materials that are close to the user.
The material is flexible yet durable.
We carefully select high-quality leather with a vibrant texture that you can enjoy using.
The taste that becomes familiar to your hands as you use it every day is also an important element of a tool.

What new ideas and ideas require is solid technical ability to bring them to life.
Since its founding in 1953, Kuramae Kobo has cultivated reliable products with a focus on domestic production over many years of activity.
In addition to our own workshop, we treat the entire area around Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo as our workshop, and continue to create high-quality leather products together with nearby engineers and craftsmen.
We also work hard to develop young people and focus on nurturing the spirit and ability to create things.

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