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GHIBLI (from Italy)

75th Anniversary Italian Import Bag Collection

GHIBLI is an Italian leather bag brand with a history spanning half a century since 1968.
It is a very rare factory in Italy that has the equipment to carry out everything from leather dyeing to bag production in-house.
In Tuscany, the ``leather city'' that boasts the world's most famous tannery, we continue to passionately create high-quality leather bags and accessories.

To commemorate MARUYA's 75th anniversary, this python bag collection is now available not only at physical stores but also online.
Only one item will be introduced . Please take advantage of this opportunity.

----brand story---
Created in 1968 by Piero Manzi and Maura Cioni.
Since the 1980s, we have specialized in processing python and exotic materials.
In 2000, the facility was renovated and expanded, and its unique python material attracted even more attention.
2018: 50th anniversary of activity. As a family business, Ghibli says: ``Currently we have three generations of employees in the company.We have never lost our strength in manufacturing and love for family, and we have never lost our strength in manufacturing and love for family. We are working to pass on this solid reality with pride and confidence."

“50 di storia. Passione, dedizione e voglia di crescere sempre.
L'amore non invecchia, fa esperienza.”

“Our 50-year history is about passion, dedication,
And it means a desire to constantly grow.
Love doesn't grow old, it breeds experience. ”

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