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sot / Pueblo Leather Enjoy the unique aging effect. A compact wallet that stands out with its unique Italian leather charm.

Sale price¥26,400
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sot /pueblo leather

A compact wallet that is easy to use and allows you to enjoy the charm of the material.

A wallet that can store bills, cards, and coins in a well-balanced manner.
The size fits in one hand, so it can be stored in a pocket or small bag without adding bulk.
The Pueblo leather continues all the way to the inside, and the Koshu weave that can be glimpsed when you use it is also wonderful.
As a wallet that can be used with love by both men and women, we also recommend it as a gift.


Enjoy the unique and beautiful expressions and dramatic changes over time with the Pueblo series.

Pueblo leather made by Badalassi Carlo, a world-famous tanner in Tuscany, Italy.
Its special Japanese paper-like appearance and matte texture create a unique atmosphere that cannot be found with other leathers.
It is made using the traditional vachetta method, which takes a lot of effort and time, and the oil is carefully added to make it durable and supple, and the color changes beautifully over time.
Pueblo is also known for its ability to age faster and more clearly than other leathers.
Especially recommended for those who like aging leather.

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Koshu-ori has a luxurious feel. Traditional textile with 400 years of history

The lining uses Koshu-ori, a traditional craft from Yamanashi Prefecture. This beautiful fabric, which is also a traditional Japanese craft, has elegant colors and a smooth texture, and is also highly stain resistant and extremely easy to care for. Generally speaking, Koshu-ori is often used for things such as umbrellas and neckties, but SOT is also used for lining leather products due to its beautiful luster, deep color, and excellent durability. Masu. The tortoiseshell pattern, one of Japan's auspicious patterns, is printed, creating a Japanese atmosphere and serving as an accent to the design.


Slit for 7 cards

There are 3 slits immediately after opening. There are two sub-slits on the back of the coin purse.
There are also two slits in the bill compartment.


It has two tiers, so you can use it while sorting.

original box

It will be wrapped in a non-woven bag, placed in the manufacturer's original box, and then carefully packaged for delivery.

Brand Story

“Softly” as if snuggling closer
Such a gentle item

"SOT" is a Japanese leather brand founded in Ebisu, Tokyo in 2002.
The leather is carefully selected from raw hides, and its taste increases the more you use it.
We work with all our heart to ensure that each customer treats us as a partner in their lives.

It is carefully sewn and polished by selected craftsmen in Tokyo, and then finally available in stores.
SOT's design incorporates the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and traditional design into each product, while also ensuring that the products will last for a long time and that the quality of the materials will stand out.
In addition, we make full use of small parts to create products and strive to avoid waste as much as possible.

``We will continue to treat leather with sincerity and create products with great care.
We would like to deliver such kind products to you "gently" as if by your side. ”

A logo filled with passion

The sot logo motif is a dove holding an olive in its mouth. The dove with an olive in its mouth, which appears in the story of ``Noah's Ark,'' is known as a symbol of peace and is also depicted on the emblem of the United Nations.

Item Data

size Width 10.3 x Height 8.7 x Depth 2.5 (cm)
weight Approximately 90g
material Cowhide (made in Italy, Pueblo leather)
Inner material Koshu-ori
card 5 locations + 2 free slits
About care

This is Pueblo leather from Badarassi Carlo, a company based in Tuscany, Italy.
If you apply cream etc. at the beginning of use, you may not be able to enjoy the natural aging of the leather.
We recommend cleaning after the shine and depth of color appears.
To care for it, just like any other leather product, just remove the dust, apply a thin layer of cream, and wipe it dry once it's dry.

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sot / Pueblo Leather Enjoy the unique aging effect. A compact wallet that stands out with its unique Italian leather charm.
sot / Pueblo Leather Enjoy the unique aging effect. A compact wallet that stands out with its unique Italian leather charm. Sale price¥26,400