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PORTER bill bridle

Enjoy watching the white bloom unravel and grow over time.

``PORTER BILL BRIDLE'' is a high-class leather accessory series that uses bridle leather from a long-established British leather tannery with a history of over 170 years.

Bridle means ``horse harness,'' and bridle leather was born in Europe as a leather for horse harnesses.
We use thick and durable cowhide leather (leather from cows that are over 2 years old) that has been tanned and is coated with wax such as beeswax at the final stage to tighten the leather fibers and make them more durable. Made of durable leather.
It is known as high-quality leather because it requires much more effort than regular leather.

The main material is bridle leather from THOMAS WARE & SONS, a company founded in Bristol, England in 1840.

Using raw hides from the UK, each piece is hand-painted with wax over a period of 10 weeks after tanning.
The white powder that stands out on the surface of the leather is wax such as beeswax and vegetable oil called Bloom.
As you use it, the leather's oil and wax content will gradually increase its luster and the color will deepen, making it attractive to watch as it changes over time.

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