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Neutral gray/ Trindle material sample

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A transparent soft enamel.
Nuance colors in calm tones create a feminine look.
The interior is made of soft glass-like leather.
The matte luster tightens the overall impression and creates a mature atmosphere.

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Because you want to be particular about the materials you choose, you want to check the actual product.

Considering the current circumstances, there may be times when it is difficult to visit a store.

Therefore, we have prepared material samples for some of our products.

If you are concerned about the color or texture before purchasing,

Please feel free to order .

Comparing the difference in color between indoor lighting and sunlight,

Try touching it while imagining the scene in which you would use it,

I think it would be a good idea to try cleaning with a cream.

How to order Please add to cart as usual and place your order.
Shipping method regular mail

please note

*Walnut color is discontinued, so we will send it in two colors.

・As it is natural leather, the original appearance, wrinkles, and scratches may vary slightly depending on where it is cut.

-The attached leather is the main material for wallets and bags.

・When making a product, it is finished with a lining, etc., so the thickness and hardness of the product may vary.

・After the sample is shipped, the material may be reviewed or the product may be discontinued.

If it has been a long time since you placed your order, we would appreciate it if you could check the product page again.

・If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

[About shipping date]
  • Products in stock in store
    Same-day shipping if ordered by 14:00
  • Products ordered from other manufacturers will arrive and ship the next day at the earliest (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and holidays)
  • In the unlikely event that the item is still in production...we will inform you of the completion date, etc.

If it is difficult to order for a long time, we will make every effort to reflect this on the page in advance, but there may be times when the manufacturer's stock ends and you will have to wait.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

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Neutral gray/ Trindle material sample
Neutral gray/ Trindle material sample Sale price¥0