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guardant Simple cowhide tote with multiple storage areas

Sale price¥22,000
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[Limited quantity] Guardant

simple and functional

Made of cowhide leather with an elegant shine. The material is moderately soft and easy to use, and its expression deepens over time.
The interior has a striking contrast to the simple exterior. The inner fabric is cool.
This is a high-cost tote that is both functional and functional.


Complete specifications compatible with B4 size

Magazines, PC, and drinks are all included. Both bulky and heavy items can be stored neatly.
If you don't have much luggage, you can probably use it for a one-night trip. A thick flat belt fits your shoulders.

Amazing number of pockets

The main space is equipped with a wide zipper storage.
The flap pockets on both sides of the main space can hold magazines about A4 size.
There are also two open pockets inside each flap pocket.
It also has a mini pocket that can hold your smartphone or pass case.
Useful for sorting.

Pass case included

Pass case with strap.
It is easy to put on and take off, but it does not move while attached.
You can also keep it in your pocket◎
Useful for sorting.

Brand Story

Kuramae is a town with many historical buildings, shops, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc. that still retains the atmosphere of the Edo period.
Recently, young creators and new shops have sprung up, making the town a combination of old and new charm.
The Taito area, including Kuramae, has developed as a center of local industry since ancient times, and is still home to many people working in manufacturing-related jobs.

Takaya, which was born in Kuramae in 1953, is a long-established company that has been making leather accessories, wallets, handbags, and other products for over 60 years.
"ARUKAN" is a representative brand that has been loved by Takaya for many years.

Item Data

size Width 47 x height 30 x gusset 16.5 (cm)
*Opening width/approx. 42cm
weight about 770g
handle Standing up/approx. 25cm
Width/approx. 3cm
material cowhide
Inner material polyester
Material characteristics

It's made of cowhide leather with a shine that only leather can give, so every detail has a luxurious feel.
The material is soft and easy to use, and its expression deepens over time.

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guardant Simple cowhide tote with multiple storage areas
guardant Simple cowhide tote with multiple storage areas Sale price¥22,000