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Art+ Atmosphere ( atmosphere, mood)

The brand name reflects our strong desire to enjoy travel, hobbies, work, and life in an artistic atmosphere and mood.

The story begins in a traveler's sketchbook.
In the city of Toyooka, There were many tourists who came to paint the scenery.
The craftsmen looked at the art supply cases they had and wondered if there was a bag with more design and functionality.
After years of experience making bags in Toyooka, the city of bags, they were looking for ways to make ``truly functional and beautiful bags'' in their own way.
I seriously considered creating a bag with a purpose: ``a journey to paint.''
The new landscape envisioned in this way led to a new bag brand and a new company.

ARTPHERE was born in 2006 as a bag for adults.
With a focus on materials and functionality, it can be used not only for sketching, but also for business and travel.
These are gems that meet the various purposes of adults living in modern times.


ARTPHERE bags are certified products of Toyooka Kaban.

Toyooka. It is a beautiful city surrounded by the Sea of ​​Japan, mountains and rivers, rich in nature, and at the same time, it is the best bag city in Japan.

The original craftsmanship technique is said to date back to the Kojiki.

Currently, approximately 150 bag-related companies are gathered within a 5km radius of central Toyooka City, and it is said that approximately 70% of domestic bags are manufactured there.

Toyooka Bag is a regional brand that is proud of its history and technical capabilities, and only high-quality bags that pass strict checks such as sewing and materials are certified.

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