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REALMIND/ FORO natural material sample

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“Leather within leather” Unbleached tanned leather

Unbleached tanned leather is ``raw leather'' that is tanned using tannins, which are also found in the bitterness of plants, and finished without any surface treatment.
Because it has the most leather-like feel among the many materials, it is also called the "leather of leathers."
Tanned leather products have a rarity value because the process of soaking them in tannin is very time-consuming and costly, and cannot be mass-produced.

A particularly rare "horse" ecru tanned leather bag

In fact, it is very difficult to select unbleached leather with few scratches and to tan such thick tanned leather.
Furthermore, when making bags, they are often dyed to hide the original flaws, so it is extremely rare to be able to deliver a bag made of unbleached material like this. This series is carefully tanned by a tanner in Himeji who has such an eye and technical ability.

point1 aging change

As it is exposed to sunlight and oils from your hands seep into it, it changes over time from a flesh color to a caramel color to a glossy amber color . *It is said that exposing the leather to a little sunbathing before use will tighten the leather and create a thin coating of oil, which will prevent scratches and stains.
Also, as you continue to use it, the fibers will loosen and it will become more comfortable in your hands. It is a material that allows you to enjoy the real pleasure of growing leather.

point 2 Excellent durability, supple and light

Because the leather fibers are concentrated, it is durable enough to last for decades.
At first, tanned leather has the impression of being hard, but horse tanned leather is also attractive because it is soft and easy to use from the beginning.
Furthermore, although the horsehide used in Foro Natural is thicker than other horsehide, it is lightweight! (The thicker the leather, the more textured the surface is, which is unique to leather, which adds to its flavor.)

point3 A natural personality where even the flaws become a flavor

The leather has no surface treatment, so if you look closely you can see the scars and blood vessels of the original animal, giving it a very natural finish.
It doesn't contain any oil, so it's smooth and doesn't get sticky. The horses were raised on pasture in Europe and North America, so you can feel the texture even more. Additionally, although the leather itself is strong, the surface is untreated, making it susceptible to scratches and susceptible to water.

We recommend using it carefully until the surface is coated to some extent.
The tanned leather has a natural texture, including the original scratches, so it has the charm of showing off even the smallest scratches. Please try making your own wonderful candy-colored bag.

Because you want to be particular about the materials you choose, you want to check the actual product.

Considering the current circumstances, there may be times when it is difficult to visit a store.

Therefore, we have prepared material samples for some of our products.

If you are concerned about the color or texture before purchasing,

Please feel free to order .

Comparing the difference in color between indoor lighting and sunlight,

Try touching it while imagining the scene in which you would use it,

We also recommend that you try cleaning it.

How to order Please add to cart as usual and place your order.
Shipping method regular mail

please note

・As it is natural leather, the original appearance, wrinkles, and scratches may vary slightly depending on where it is cut.

-The attached leather is the main material for wallets and bags.

・When making a product, it is finished with a lining, etc., so the thickness and hardness of the product may vary.

・After the sample is shipped, the material may be reviewed or the product may be discontinued.

If it has been a long time since you placed your order, we would appreciate it if you could check the product page again.

・If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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REALMIND/ FORO natural material sample
REALMIND/ FORO natural material sample Sale price¥0