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Scratch resistant and elegant form

The surface of the cow steer is embossed to evoke the image of a constantly flowing water surface.

Furthermore, by applying light heat to the leather surface, we created a gloss and created the shadow of the mold.

Embossing makes small scratches less noticeable, and the grain is uniform, making it look elegant.

In addition, the interior uses jacquard fabric with the PORTER logo.

Taking advantage of the hard texture of leather, this hard type is made by sewing the core material between the hem-gabbed leather and the cut leather.

It has a freestanding structure and has studs on the bottom so that it can be placed directly on the floor.

A strong ally for businessmen who travel a lot.

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Porter FLUX briefcase 197-01501 PORTER FLUXPorter FLUX briefcase 197-01501 PORTER FLUX
Porter FLUX Dulles Bag 197-01500 PORTER FLUXPorter FLUX Dulles Bag 197-01500 PORTER FLUX

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