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New color “Teal Blue” released

Teal blue is a type of blue-green, and among them, it is a calm blue color with a strong color, similar to the color of duck feathers.
Enjoy the matching of the elegant colors that are popular with gemstones such as sapphire and the exotic look of the crocodile embossed pattern. The inner fabric is a calm chocolate color.
*The color is deeper and more subdued than the previously produced deep navy.

The luxury and impact of beautiful crocodile embossed leather .

Beautiful high-quality embossed leather with a transparent and glossy feel.
It has a profound feeling like no other.

Italian vegetable tanned leather

Italian leather is used luxuriously for the handle and belt, which are subject to stress. Good grip and durable.
This is a long-selling series that attracts adults who are particular about the materials and functionality, and who are interested in authenticity.
Furthermore, studs, which can be said to be the brand's icon, are placed throughout.

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