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Functional round zipper type

Double zipper for easy opening and closing.

The opening of the bag has a round zipper for easy access.

Studs, which can be said to be synonymous, are placed everywhere.

Expresses the unique design of Kiefer Noy.

Reduce strain on your back

The back also uses nylon mesh material,
It also has cushioning properties and breathability.


The shoulder belt has metal fittings attached to both sides so that it can be worn from either the left or right side.

Leather mesh tether

Unique to Kiefer Noy.
It makes an impact and adds creativity.

The belt is also made of carefully selected materials.

The shoulder belt is also made of Italian leather, giving it a luxurious and uniform feel.
The length is adjustable and free size.

Functional with zipper and open pockets.

Despite its compact body, it can store a long wallet and 500ml plastic bottle.
The surprisingly light weight is also attractive!