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Warm material feel

In order to take advantage of the texture of tanned leather, the surface coating is kept to a minimum, giving the cow's natural expressive texture.

As you use it, the toughness will gradually loosen and the color and luster will change, so please enjoy the unique texture of genuine tanned leather.

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Sanyo pit tank tanning

Sanyo's genuine tanned leather is tanned in a pit tank, which is now rare worldwide, and takes about a month of time and effort.

Tannin tanning agents with different concentrations and ingredients are placed in several pit tanks, and the leather is soaked in order.
We use a vegetable tanning method that uses only naturally derived resin from trees (mimosa) for the tannin.
It is an eco-friendly material that does not generate harmful substances even if it is disposed of or incinerated after use.

By spending time and effort, it slowly penetrates into the leather, It is highly durable and has a beautiful finish that does not lose its shape.
*Sanyo's genuine tanned tag is a proof of quality that can only be attached to genuine tanned leather that has been tanned in a pit tank.


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